Policy and rules


- I do trades. =]
- Payment: Paypal & concealed cash
-Please note that sometimes mail in my area takes a while, so if you leave me negative feedback because of this, it will be deleted because you've been warned.
- If you don't respond in 2 days while we're negotiating on a trade/sale, I'm going to say it's available (instead of pending).
- If something is lost in the mail, I can't be held responsible.
- If you have a dead page (no information/posts in your LJ), I'm not going to do business with you (unless we work something out)

My email is e.larue.photography@gmail.com


If you're blunt, rude,  or don't answer my questions/e-mails, I'm not going to do transactions with you. I don't want to deal with that again.